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Bamboo & Cork Flooring


With more and more homeowners jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, it’s hardly surprising that naturally-sourced bamboo and cork flooring continues to grow in popularity. As the interior design world’s rising stars, bamboo and cork are steadily becoming more commonplace in homes and businesses. There are many, many great reasons to opt for these sustainable flooring mediums, with natural beauty being just the beginning. Offering truly unique visuals and textures, these radiant and renewable resources are guaranteed to sustain in high style.



At Lorens Carpet One Floor & Home we have all of the latest bamboo and cork flooring products you’re seeking, including some amazing selections made by Voyager. Offering unbeatable comfort on you joints, along unique aesthetics, discover why bamboo and cork might be the perfect match for your style vision.



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Bamboo & Cork Flooring Basics


Bamboo flooring is a bold, beautiful, and never boring. Bamboo is harvested from a fast-growing plant that regenerates significantly faster than hardwood tree species. Bamboo planks are very easy to install, and are offered in many different shades and finishes.



Cork flooring is made from a Mediterranean tree bark and the process doesn’t harm the tree. The bark, which is also used to make corks for wine bottles, will grow back at a rapid rate, making cork readily renewable. Since it’s naturally moisture absorbent, your cork floor can be used in areas where other hardwoods can’t cut it. Cork also absorbs sound and stays warm, while offering unique beauty and intricate patterns.



Want to learn more about natural bamboo and cork flooring? Visit our Missoula showroom and view our displays, or call us to schedule your FREE onsite project estimate.



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