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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Missoula, MT

Hardwood and tile add natural style and beauty to any setting, but because of durability issues, they aren't always the best options. Hardwood, for example, isn't suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with significant moisture. Nonetheless, you can still add authentic tile and wood looks to these areas with luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is affordable, durable, and can handle moisture, scratches, scuffs, and pretty much anything else life throws its way. At Lorens Carpet One Floor & Home in Missoula, Montana, we’ll help find the best luxury vinyl flooring for you and your home.


Types of Luxury Vinyl


Modern vinyl comes in two main forms: vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tiles. Vinyl floor tiles, or LVT flooring, look just like natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Vinyl plank or LVP flooring appears just like real wood. Our wood vinyl options even come with textures that match the grain patterns and knots on the surface. We also have wide plank vinyl flooring, which is generally more cost-effective and less likely to warp than wide hardwood floors.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Today’s vinyl tiles are a luxury item thanks to their unique combination of style and performance. Each tile provides stunningly realistic ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone visuals, and many of our products can even be grouted for an added touch of realism. In addition to being more budget-friendly than real tile and stone, LVT flooring is more crack-resistant in many cases. The next time you step onto a real tile floor, look around and see if you notice any cracks. Vinyl tiles are slightly softer underfoot and less likely to fissure if something falls on them. Additionally, many of our vinyl products are equipped with a urethane-based wear layer that’s ultra-stain and wear-resistant.


Luxury Vinyl Planks


Vinyl plank flooring looks and feels pretty much exactly like real hardwood, but because of its special construction, it is much more durable. Vinyl planks are made from specific layers, including the wear layer, design layer, and additional support layers. The wear layer is the top layer, and it protects against scratches and scuffs much better than real wood and even laminate. Also, the wear layer can handle spills and stains. The design layer is underneath the wear layer, and it includes a high-definition wood visual. Also, vinyl planks typically have support layers that are called core and base layers. These support layers provide the vinyl planks with exceptional dimensional stability against moisture, foot traffic, and other outside stresses.


What’s the Difference Between SPC Vinyl Flooring Vs. WPC Vinyl Flooring?


We offer rigid core luxury vinyl planks and tiles, which have a sturdy core layer that adds durability and structural integrity so your floor can handle the wear and tear better. There are two main types of rigid core luxury vinyl floors: SPC vinyl flooring and WPC vinyl flooring. The primary difference between them is that SPC vinyl flooring is made using natural limestone powder, while WPC vinyl has a wood floor.


Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring


SPC and WPC vinyl flooring products can both take on the look of tile, hardwood, and stone with exceptional realism. However, their core constructions offer different benefits. The core layer of SPC vinyl flooring is made using limestone along with other components, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. Your SPC vinyl will provide superior resilience against wear, tear, heavy foot traffic, spills, and humidity. Although it’s not as durable, WPC vinyl floors are still ultra-tough, and they offer their own unique perks. In general, stone plastic composite vinyl flooring is less expensive than its wood plastic composite counterpart.


Wood Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring


The core of wood plastic composite vinyl flooring is made using the wood floor, which is a wood fiber that’s been reduced to a fine powder – essentially sawdust – mixed with other components. Some newer WPC vinyl products have a wood-like material, rather than an actual wood floor. While WPC vinyl floors are strong, they’re not quite as durable as SPC. However, the wood-based core does create more softness underfoot, making WPC more comfortable to stand on for long periods. Additionally, it’s better at absorbing noises like pet claws and foot traffic to create a quieter environment.


Is Vinyl Waterproof?


One of the waterproof flooring options we offer is waterproof and water-resistant luxury vinyl. Waterproof luxury vinyl is one of our most popular flooring categories thanks to its durable construction, stylish appearance, and 100% moisture-proof protection. Waterproof luxury vinyl utilizes an assortment of unique features to provide moisture protection. This begins with a watertight seam and a moisture-repellent surface. Additionally, some waterproof luxury vinyl products like COREtec Plus that have a specialized core that prevents moisture damage to the subfloor, as well as mold and mildew growth beneath the vinyl surface. It’s important to note that waterproof luxury vinyl is different from water-resistant vinyl products, which, if exposed to puddles long enough, may allow some moisture to sink beneath the floor. This includes waterproof vinyl planks and tiles that look beautiful and function perfectly in both homes and commercial settings. Visit our showroom today or contact us if you’d like to learn more about our flooring selection.


Where Can Vinyl Be Installed?


Luxury vinyl tile flooring and wood-look vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your home, thanks to their elevated appearance and versatile performance features. We also have commercial vinyl planks and tiles, perfect for business settings and high-traffic spaces. We offer glue-down vinyl products or click-lock flooring for a floating floor. Floating vinyl flooring is very fast to install and takes minimal labor.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


Be sure to visit Lorens Carpet One Floor & Home in-store or view our luxury vinyl flooring inventory online, to take advantage of the best vinyl flooring selection in the Western Montana area. We offer a full inventory of the best luxury vinyl flooring brands, including our exclusive Invincible H20. We also have collections from EZ Lay Flooring, XL Flooring, and Mohawk SolidTech. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our low vinyl prices and we regularly feature vinyl flooring sales. Whether you want a contemporary patterned vinyl floor or a rustic grey vinyl floor, we have you covered. Please contact us to learn more about our selection and services. We proudly serve Missoula, Missoula County, and the Western Montana area. 



Learn More About Luxury Vinyl



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HOA restrictions, humid climates, and budget limitations are some of the reasons many homeowners opt for luxury vinyl instead of actual hardwood. Simply put, these floors look exactly like hardwood, except that you’ll never have to worry about sanding or refinishing them.



Easy Maintenance


Luxury vinyl flooring, because it is water and wear-resistant, is relatively easy to clean and maintain.



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